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Each traveler is unique. Each trip is unique. After speaking with you, we will need to assess the medical and physical situation of our potential traveler. We will guide you through this process and the planning steps. We work closely with our families since they know their loved one best. When your loved one is traveling, you an integral are part of our team.

The first step is to call us. Our staff will ask several initial questions about the traveler(s). Their medical and physical condition(s). The origin and destination and your contact information. We will likely have several more questions as we learn more about our traveler(s). When you phone, it is good to have names and contact information for medical personnel, as well as any facilities involved and any other family members with whom we should speak. We will need these to continue on with the assessment process.

We will then guide you through the travel planning. Family members determine how involved they want to be in the process. This is different for each family with whom we work. We also let the family decide if they would like to travel with our staff and their loved one(s). At times, it is strongly advised that they accompany us. In other situations it is best not to. Every situation is different.

Our current clients can login here for special resources to make their travel planning easier. Once we start planning your trip, we will provide a username and password so that you can access these resources.

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