Can I fly with my (loved one) and the nurse?
Absolutely. About 40% of our flights have a family member along.

Do you offer more care or less than an air ambulance?

We offer different care than an air ambulance. The care on an air ambulance varies greatly. Our nurses are much higher trained than the EMTs offered on many of these craft. This is why families sometimes ask us to accompany them. In these cases, we use the air ambulance for the flexibility of the small aircraft rather than for the acuity of care. Other air ambulances are geared towards acute care transfers. We do not accompany travelers who are unstable and are in need of ventilators or monitors during travel. We travel with individuals who have fairly stable medical and physical issues. (These problems do not always remain 'stable' during a long travel day, but we are trained to deal with these.) In addition, we offer nursing care and comfort care that helps to minimizing the development of potential problems. Safety, preplanning to prevent problems and early identification and treatment of problems are where we excel.

We also do more planning than an air ambulance. We do not just pick up and deliver our travelers. Pre-planning and follow-through are a vital part of our service. Our lead planner is a nurse and Geriatric Care Manager and she understands that travel does not occur in isolation from the rest of a senior's care and daily life. We work with your physicians (sending and receiving) to make sure that we take all appropriate precautions, insuring that arrangements are complete at each end. To complete the journey, we strongly encourage and help families to make doctor appointments at the destination to insure a smooth and safe transition.

How much lead time do you need to prepare a travel plan?

Each traveler's medical and physical needs and each travel plan is different, so the time it takes to research and plan a trip varies. We would like a couple of weeks notice, but we understand that this is not always possible. Short notice will affect cost and available options.

Do you travel to rural areas?

We travel all over this country (and around several others) to assist our seniors. Rural areas can, however, present more challenges for those with greater medical and physical needs.

How do we find out more?

We prefer to speak to our clients and their families. The email is wonderful for quick notes, but we find it much more helpful to talk by phone or in person to family members when we are planning. That story that you tell us today may help us to save the trip next week. We listen.

After speaking with you, we will need to speak with your family member's health care professionals. We will do an assessment of the traveler's medical and physical situation and then make recommendations regarding travel.

How much will travel cost?

There are two parts to the travel cost picture: our service and the transportation. Once our medical assessment is done, we will quote you a price for our services. The travel expenses will only be known when we book them and get a price. We will work with families to keep these costs to a minimum and will gladly talk with you more about this when you call.

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